Watercolour™ Liquid Blush Hot Totty
  • Watercolour™ Liquid Blush Hot Totty

    Hot Totty - A bronzed goddess is what you’ll be when you apply this to cheeks. This stunning, warm shade mimics your natural tan with subtle, sexy golden highlights to enhance a tan or make you look sun-kissed. Skin tones with medium / dark / olive or light black skins will love it.


    Add colour to your cheeks with Watercolour™ Liquid Blush. The award-winning formula is light-weight so you can build up colour depending on the look you want to create, without weighing the skin down. The silicone formula makes it water-resistant and rub-proof, meaning the colour will stay put and last all day, so there's no need to keep reapplying it. They're super blendable upon application, so you can apply it to the right part of the cheeks without leaving heavy lines, giving a really natural look. Vitamin E and Jojoba nourish the skin, so your skin won't dry out and looks healthier, giving a healthy looking sheen. You'll look youthful and radiant.


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