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From our family to yours at Easter

Hi There!

Full disclosure I have never written anything like this before and I have no idea where to start but I thought with my 10 minutes free I would have a go!

Ethically Beautiful is my second baby. I started the business when my daughter was 6 months old and I (stupidly) thought I would have some free time whilst on maternity leave to have a go at something I had always dreamed of having...my own business.

Whilst I love preparing the posts, researching new products and developing our own products my god this is a tough industry. I thought my day job was hard! But I can not and will not give up.

This weekend I have taken a little time to myself and not done anywhere near as much EB work as I would have liked to and now I sit here feeling guilty. Who knew mummy guilt and business guilt existed in equal measures!

Anyway here is me in my happy place...

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