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what makes us unique?

Our story


Social media is a powerful tool. It can bring the world together, promote business and in our case, create them. 

In 2017 I witnessed a video posted on social media of an undercover investigation into a well-known make up brand who were testing their products on animals. The sight and sounds that I witnessed of animals in distress haunted me and from then on, changed the way not only how I thought about make up, but also how I purchased it.


Each time I needed something replacing, I tried to find a brand that not only adhered to my new found ethics but sold products that were of high quality in an extensive range . My search wasn’t easy and it involved shopping for individual items rather than having one place to go to for everything. 

And so, Ethically Beautiful was born. At Ethically Beautiful we want to bring you the best products in the market without the ethics and morals being forgotten. Every product available to buy on our website (at an absolute minimum) is not tested on animals, with most conforming to certified vegan standards. 

Ethically Beautiful is your one stop shop for all your ethical make up needs. We stock the best brands who share our care and compassion for the animal world. 


Beauty without cruelty made easy.

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